Serpentlord (Rise To Omniscience Book 9) by Aaron Oster

Serpentlord (Rise To Omniscience Book 9) by Aaron Oster

Author:Aaron Oster [Oster, Aaron]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: GFS Publishing Inc
Published: 2021-03-31T16:00:00+00:00


“The ambush is happening now!” Elyssa yelled, jumping into action the moment she saw those portals opening.

She didn’t have any information on these cultists, other than that they would explode and that their damage output was immense.

Hearing her yelling, her soldiers burst from hiding, making a run for where the portals were opening. Truthfully, Elyssa had no idea what she could even do. The gorge below was still packed full of soldiers, and despite the fact that they’d managed to get some of them out, there were still plenty packed inside.

She reached out with her ability, pulling the ground before the portals up in a wave, trying to block them off from the gorge and perhaps force them back into their portals. Even as the soldiers charged, Elyssa saw the cultists’ skin glowing brighter as they emerged, their faces fixed in insane grins.

The moment stretched out, as though frozen in time, the cultists glowing brighter and brighter and the walls of stone rising in their path. Her soldiers ran to intercept, the portal scrolls she’d given them unfurled.

Then the world abruptly sped up again and Elyssa plunged into the ground, her Liquid Stone skill giving her the ability to do so. Even as she sank, the cultists began blowing themselves up. She got a brief flash of green fire before she vanished from view, sinking deep into the earth.

The ground shook, massive chunks of earth being torn away. Even as she sank, the world came back into view – just for an instant. What she saw would give her nightmares for weeks to come. Fire everywhere. Burning soldiers trying desperately to get away. Crumbling walls of stone and a half-collapsed cliff face. Then she sank once more, dropping deep below the surface as the detonations continued going off.

She finally stopped when she was over a hundred feet down, the earth hollowing out around her and forming a sort of cocoon. There she sat, listening to the series of explosions continuing. Rationally, she knew there was nothing she could do. She’d been taken off guard by the type of attack the enemy had used.

The information had come to her less than a minute before the enemy’s appearance, giving them little time to react. She’d done the best she could, and yet, she couldn’t help blaming herself. Had she been smarter, wiser, or take more precautions, this wouldn’t have happened. Instead, she’d allowed a significant portion of her forces to become trapped. She’d led them all to their deaths, and it was entirely her fault.

The explosions continued going off for the next thirty seconds or so before they finally stopped, the ground stilling in the wake of their destructive blasts. Elyssa let out a breath, then began pushing herself to the surface, angling outward so that she wouldn’t come up in the middle of a blaze.

Upon reached the surface, she was greeted by utter pandemonium. The gorge was all but gone, engulfed in a roiling conflagration of green fire. Choking smoke wafted


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