Quantum Mind: The Edge Between Physics and Psychology (Deep Democracy Classics Series) by Mindell Arnold

Quantum Mind: The Edge Between Physics and Psychology (Deep Democracy Classics Series) by Mindell Arnold

Author:Mindell, Arnold [Mindell, Arnold]
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Format: epub
Publisher: Deep Democracy Exchange
Published: 2013-01-13T16:00:00+00:00


We have discovered in this chapter that space-time can be calculated from the spatial dimensions in which events occur, minus time factors. If the relative velocities involved are not great, space-time is simply everyday space and time. But at high velocities, viewpoints on events begin to differ. Under these circumstances, the only thing we all share is a four-dimensional combination of our spatial and time dimensions.

The analogy in psychology to high velocity in physics is when communities enter altered states of consciousness. In these states, the differences between our intense experience and ordinary selves are very great. Time and spatial distortions occur, and we all enter into a new realm, a hyperspace. Our own individual explanations of the resulting altered states differ because they depend upon our individual frameworks. Nevertheless, analogously to four-dimensional space-time, we still share that special reality in which something amazing flirts with all of us, a common heightened sense of dreamtime. In that moment, we feel we are transported into a special interconnectedness, as dreamtime becomes space-time.

Space-time, that non-consensus common ground native peoples called Mother Earth, is always present, though hidden, in the one-sided manner in which we see things. When we climb into our various consensus reality viewpoints on an issue, when we unveil hidden, irrational factors, a time-like characteristic of events, namely their process, begins. The moral of this story is that, if we have the courage to bring out personal experiences around a given issue, we can transform the world of separateness into a sense of connectedness.

The commonness, or as scientists say, “the invariance of space-time separation” gives hope to those of us who worry about facilitating the complexity of individual and large-group processes. Especially when we are bogged down by one-sided, non-relativistic views that separate and alienate us, and when we are in the midst of tension and trouble, it helps to remember modern physics. Physics states clearly that a common space-time measure and dreaming together are possible if someone goes over the edge of their individual experiences and enters the realm of dreaming. We need to remember that the secret river of community is inherent even in overwhelming enmity.

Physics can learn from psychology about the experiences that pattern space-time. Physics can learn that shamanic attention is needed to apprehend and understand the domain of imaginary numbers, the realm of sentient experience, as well as the four-dimensional space- time. What the shaman calls the unknown, the psychologist calls telepathy, synchronicity, and community, a process or flux the mathematician finds in calculus. Physicists of the future will realize that space-time in relativity and conjugation in quantum mechanics are where cosmic and microcosmic realms come together with sentient experience in psychology and shamanism. This realization is the beginning of a new world-view, the modern shamanism that senses the interconnected nature of all our “separate” realities.


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