Memoirs of a Jehovah's Witness Drag Queen from Fresno by Trudrung David

Memoirs of a Jehovah's Witness Drag Queen from Fresno by Trudrung David

Author:Trudrung, David [Trudrung, David]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: David Trudrung
Published: 2013-10-02T16:00:00+00:00

Nancy had enough wisdom to throw Ann Landers into fits of jealousy. Acting as the company’s unofficial therapist, she would solve anyone’s problems no matter how outrageous, including my dilemmas over men, faulty brassieres and outrageous fashion .

I contemplated asking her for advice about my double life, but realized I didn’t have time and responded, “I had an absolutely fabulous night, sweetie. Thanks for asking.”

Our office consisted of a few other staff members in administration and management and a multitude of people in shipping, receiving and stocking. Most of the employees were the blue-collar, sweat-for-their-dollar kind of people. I had a great deal of respect for all my co-workers and wanted to fit in as best I could. Once, in an effort to fit in, I’d even gone so far as to take a weekend job parking cars at a wedding with some of them. So far, they’d all been friendly and inclusive … inviting me to lunch, parties and barbeques.

I later learned that despite all my efforts to hide my drag persona, I’d often neglected to remove all the evidence of make-up before going to work and thus unwittingly undermined my secret identity. I’d later asked Nancy what I should do about my double life and she responded, “Oh honey, everyone knows. Sometimes you’ve left on a little blue eye shadow or something and we figured it out. Nobody cares, sweetheart. We just love you.”

When I found out I was horrified, but then I realized that I, like most people, hadn’t given my co-workers enough credit. They had all known who and what I was all along, and had been so kind and inclusive anyway. All those people that I had myself judged so wrongly, thinking they would be prejudiced against me, had accepted me all along for who and what I was … just a strangely endearing guy who sometimes wore make-up to work.


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