Mary Pope Osborne - Magic Tree House 18 by Buffalo Before Breakfast

Mary Pope Osborne - Magic Tree House 18 by Buffalo Before Breakfast

Author:Buffalo Before Breakfast [Breakfast, Buffalo Before]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9780375894756
Publisher: Random House Children's Books
Published: 2010-06-15T05:00:00+00:00

Jack looked back at the vast herd. As far as he could see, there was nothing but buffalo.

Now Jack knew for certain they’d come to the time before the white settlers and soldiers had arrived, before the end of the great buffalo herds.

“I have been on many hunts,” Black Hawk said, his eyes still on the buffalo.

“Were you scared?” said Jack.

Black Hawk shook his head.

“You’re really brave,” said Annie.

Black Hawk smiled proudly.

“I will show you how a brave hunter moves,” he said.

He slid off his pony.

“Wait, your grandmother said not to hunt,” said Annie. “Plus, you don’t have your wolf suit.”

“I am not afraid,” said Black Hawk.

“I don’t think you should go down there,” said Jack. “There’s no grownups around.”

But Black Hawk wasn’t listening.

He began creeping on all fours toward the buffalo.

“I have a feeling something bad is going to happen,” said Annie.

Jack had the same feeling. He looked back at the book.

A bison can weigh two thousand pounds and stand six feet high. If one becomes alarmed by a hunter, he might start running and set off a terrifying stampede.


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