Junie B., first grader: shipwrecked by Barbara Park; Denise Brunkus

Junie B., first grader: shipwrecked by Barbara Park; Denise Brunkus

Author:Barbara Park; Denise Brunkus
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Tags: Performing Arts, Readers, Alphabet, Patriotic Holidays, Fiction, Sick, Girls & Women, Illnesses & Injuries, History & Criticism, Diseases, Diaries, Diary fiction, Holidays & Celebrations, Schools, School & Education, Jones, Social Issues, Humorous Stories, Columbus Day, Health & Daily Living, Juvenile Fiction, Theater, Concepts, Beginner, General, Junie B. (Fictitious character), Adolescence
ISBN: 9780375828058
Publisher: Random House, Inc.
Published: 2005-05-24T07:33:12.634753+00:00

Mr. Scary came back and shook our hands.

He said we would choose our play parts when we come back from lunch. And so meanwhile we should be thinking about what parts we want.

“Yeah, only I already know what part I want!” I said real thrilled. “And it is the bestest part I can think of. Only I'm going to keep it a secret till after lunch. And so nobody ask me. And I mean it.”

After that, I pretended to lock my lips with a make-believe key.

Herb turned around. “You mean you're not even going to tell me?” he said kind of disappointed.

I got out my key and unlocked my lips.

“Okay … except for I will just tell Herb, and that's all,” I said.

I locked my lips again.

José frowned at me.

I unlocked my lips one more time.

“Plus also, I will tell José. But that is my final offer. And I mean it.”

Just then, Shirley did a big huffy.

“Okay, fine … and Shirley,” I said.

That's when Sheldon raised his hand and pointed to himself.

Then all of the other children pointed to theirselves, too.

And so that day at lunch, I whispered my secret to everybody in Room One.

But that was all.


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