Invaders of the Rokujouma!? Volume 36 by Takehaya

Invaders of the Rokujouma!? Volume 36 by Takehaya

Author:Takehaya [TAKEHAYA]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: J-Novel Club
Published: 2021-04-28T00:00:00+00:00

The Immortal

Sunday, July 10th

The excavation was ongoing at the cemetery where Grevanas was buried. The likely culprit was a circle of his followers—a cult, by most standards. Even if someone else was behind it, unearthing Grevanas’s research would be considered a high crime in Folsaria. Grave robbing was heinous enough, but stealing forbidden magic was tantamount to stealing a fighter jet in modern society. It would be even worse yet if the stolen magic concerned poison, plague, or the ability to completely control another individual against their will.

Now that they were clued in to the situation thanks to Maki’s investigation, Rainbow Heart had decided to take military action. The compromise of potentially catastrophic magic was more than enough to warrant it. The case was so severe that they were deploying Maki, as well as Koutarou and the others. Since they knew about Grevanas’s magic, Kaera had requested their backup. Little did she know they would have accompanied Maki regardless.

“A circle of magicians who worship Grevanas... Darkness Rainbow had a goal, so they never went too far, but I imagine that won’t be the case with these people,” Koutarou pondered aloud with a severe expression on his face.

Grevanas had taken to researching terrible magics, suggesting that his followers wouldn’t hesitate to do the same. Grevanas, however, had pledged himself to Maxfern. Without such purpose and loyalty to guide them, his followers had only inherited the worst of their evil master. That might make them even more dangerous than Darkness Rainbow.

“But why would they make their move now?”

That was what bothered Koutarou the most. He couldn’t understand what had spurred Grevanas’s believers to action all of a sudden. Why hadn’t this come sooner?

“For better or worse, it’s likely because of Darkness Rainbow. Grevanas’s followers couldn’t touch this area before because they wanted to form a united front against the government under Darkness Rainbow,” answered Kiriha, true to form.

When it came to anti-government factions, Darkness Rainbow was the largest and most powerful of its kind. As such, lesser organizations did what they could to stay on their good side. It was no secret that Darkness Rainbow was gathering magic and magical research. Grevanas’s followers had probably avoided excavating the graveyard under their watch to avoid upsetting the balance of power. But now that Darkness Rainbow was gone, Kiriha believed the cult had no reason to hold back anymore.

“Of course, where Grevanas is buried is top secret, so the timing could be mere coincidence if they’ve only just now discovered it,” she clarified.

“So Darkness Rainbow served as a sort of safety...” Koutarou murmured.

Overall, their existence kept other factions from running amok. And in that sense, they’d been a stabilizing force in society. Yet on the other hand, their main goal was to disrupt it... It was hard to say in the end if their presence was good or bad.

“This world is complicated,” said Kiriha. “Things are never as simple as defeating an enemy and securing peace.”

“You mean to say that after Darkness Rainbow comes the next enemy? Huh.


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