Introduction to Fourier Optics by Joseph Goodman

Introduction to Fourier Optics by Joseph Goodman

Author:Joseph Goodman
Language: eng
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ISBN: 9781319153045
Publisher: W. H. Freeman
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A number of different materials for wavefront modulation are of special interest in holography. These include dichromated gelatin films, photopolymer films, photorefractive materials, and optical damage in glass. These methods will be discussed in the chapter on holography.

Problems - Chapter 9

9-1. The interference between two plane waves of the form U1(x,y)=Aexp(j2πβ1y)U2(x,y)=Bexp(j2πβ2y)

is recorded on a photographic film. The film has an MTF of known form M(f), and it is processed to produce a positive transparency with a gamma of -2. This transparency (dimensions L×L) is then placed in front of a positive lens with focal length f, is illuminated by a normally incident plane wave, and the distribution of intensity across the back focal plane is measured. The wavelength of the light is λ. Assuming that the entire range of exposure experiences the same photographic gamma, plot the distribution of light intensity in the rear focal plane, labeling in particular the relative strengths and locations of the various frequency components present.


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