How to Become CEO by Jeffrey J. Fox

How to Become CEO by Jeffrey J. Fox

Author:Jeffrey J. Fox
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Business & Economics / Careers / General, Self-Help / Personal Growth / Success
Publisher: Hachette Books
Published: 2001-08-31T16:00:00+00:00

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Be a Flag-Waving Company Patriot

If you want to be president of your company, you must commit yourself totally to your company and to its products or services. You must understand and believe in your company’s mission. You must personalize your company’s culture, and then add to it. You must do this unflaggingly, publicly, and without reserve.

You must use the products, if possible, and promote them tirelessly to all.

Do not go to work for a company if you cannot, unabashedly, shout the virtues of their products. If you do not believe in smoking, handguns, champagne, or yogurt, don’t work for companies that make such stuff.

Buy stock in your company if it’s available.

Only buy your company’s products, if that is reasonable, and recommend them stridently to friends and family.

Cynicism about one’s own corporation is the hallmark of losers, not future presidents.


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