HonorObey: Part 1: The Engagement by D.J. Heart

HonorObey: Part 1: The Engagement by D.J. Heart

Author:D.J. Heart [Heart, D.J.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2019-07-22T23:00:00+00:00

When they got back to the apartment Adam had David strip naked and sit down on the couch.

“Wait there and don’t move,” he instructed, pointing a stern finger in David’s face.

Swallowing, David nodded. “I won’t.”

“Good boy,” Adam said, leaving the room.

He didn’t have a playroom in his apartment – something that needed to change – but he had quite a selection of toys and gear in his walk-in closet.

So far Adam hadn’t really dressed up for David – with the exception of the leather gloves he’d worn on the first night – and tonight he felt like changing that. Selecting a pair of fitted leather breeches, knee high boots and a chest harness that framed his muscular pecs beautifully, Adam got dressed and studied himself in the mirror.

He looked hot.

Finishing the look with a pair of gauntleted leather gloves, Adam flexed his fingers and started collecting the gear he wanted to use on David.

He had no intention of taking it easy on his handsome fiancé.

Puppy mitts, hood, collar and enough restraints to immobilize David completely, Adam made his selection with gleeful anticipation. The last thing he grabbed was a mean little crop whose sting was entirely disproportionate to the small size of the leather flap.

David wasn’t going to know what hit him. Literally, considering the hood. Tucking the crop into the side of his boot Adam left the room.

He grinned at the face David made when he laid eyes on him. Eyes wide, it reminded him of the cornered animal David had resembled on their first night together.

“Come over here,” he commanded, stopping a few feet away from the couch in the open area between the sofa area and the door to the hall. Feet planted wide, Adam squared his shoulders and allowed himself to stand tall and intimidating.

When David rose to do as instructed, Adam tossed the hood, mitts, collar and restraints onto the couch and held out his hand to stop him. “On your knees, David. I want to see you crawl.”

Adam pointed his finger down on the floor.

Swallowing, David looked between the gear on the couch and Adam. He sank down to his hands and knees, his whole upper body covered in a bright red blush that matched the pinkish hue of his rock hard cock, and looked up to confirm that this was what Adam wanted.

Adam gave him a tight little nod.

David crawled across the hardwood floor, coming to a stop in front of Adam’s gleaming knee-high boots.

Adam had intended to start off with the hood right away, the mindfuck of blinding his sub being one of Adam’s biggest kinks, but he’d changed his mind at the last minute.

He wanted his boot worshiped, and David couldn’t do that with his mouth hidden behind a hood.

“Kiss my boot,” Adam commanded, voice gruff with arousal. His cock was rock hard against the button fly of his breeches. David lowered his face, placing a tentative kiss on the toe of his boot.

Adam couldn’t even feel it, and yet it still sent a jolt of arousal up his foot.


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