Grazie, Nebbia by W.H. Auden

Grazie, Nebbia by W.H. Auden

Author:W.H. Auden [Auden, W.H.]
Language: ita
Format: epub
ISBN: 9788845983726
Publisher: Adelphi
Published: 2021-04-29T04:00:00+00:00


The din of work is subdued,

another day has westered

and mantling darkness arrived.

Peace! Peace! Devoid your portrait

of its vexations and rest.

Your daily round is done with,

you’ve gotten the garbage out,

answered some tiresome letters

and paid a bill by return,

all frettolosamente.

Now you have licence to lie,

naked, curled like a shrimplet,

jacent in bed, and enjoy

its cosy micro-climate:

Sing, Big Baby, sing lullay.

The old Greeks got it all wrong:

Narcissus is an oldie,

tamed by time, released at last

from lust for other bodies,

rational and reconciled.

For many years you envied

the hirsute, the he-man type.

No longer: now you fondle

your almost feminine flesh

with mettled satisfaction,

imagining that you are

sinless and all-sufficient,

snug in the den of yourself,

Madonna and Bambino:

Sing, Big Baby, sing lullay.


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