From Loving One to One Love by Robert Rosenthal MD

From Loving One to One Love by Robert Rosenthal MD

Author:Robert Rosenthal MD [Rosenthal MD, Robert]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: G&D Media
Published: 2020-02-03T23:00:00+00:00

Giving Relationships to the Holy Spirit

We, the deluded, sleepwalk through our private dreams of separation and death. We invest them with belief, which keeps them real for us. Our relationships reflect those beliefs back to us and in the process make them stronger. But what we believe about our fellow humans is not their reality. To have any chance of experiencing that, we need the Holy Spirit. In one relationship after another, we release our interpretation of the other person and their behavior to the Holy Spirit. He reinterprets them for us, viewing them through the lens of truth, seeing them as God would see them. In that view, their only purpose is forgiveness. Whether it is a love triangle, a business partnership, a demented parent, or a rebellious child, the Holy Spirit sees no differences. They’re part of our dream, and His function is to awaken us from that dream, not join us in it. We borrow His vision to learn the meaning of love, and it is inseparable from oneness.

We are love and nothing but love, created by love, eternally love—all of us, without exception. In Christ’s vision, the vision of the Ever-Mind, there can be no differences between us. Anything we perceive that is not love is just another barrier that we put up to block God from our awareness. If we want love and the joy it brings, we have to tear down those barriers. The main stumbling block to this—the only one, in fact—is our willingness. We must be willing to remove the blinders from our eyes and let the Holy Spirit show us this new way of seeing. “When you want only love you will see only love.”13

Here then is true intimacy: into-me-see. We see into everyone, but what we see has nothing to do with flaws or character defects. It has nothing to do with bodies, personalities, or behavior. We look past these. They are mere shadows that vanish in the blaze of light of the true Self. We see holiness, and we cannot help but love what we see, because it lives in us too. And so we welcome everyone to behold that same light shining from within us. Again, we want to bring forth that holy light and together bear witness to its shared reality. “Holiness must be shared, for therein lies everything that makes it holy.”14 In light, we are joined with everyone.

We can only share what is real; the rest is nothingness, and we simply let it go. It has no more meaning for us. The need for hiding is gone too, because the things we wanted to keep hidden only block the light. Why would we want that now?

The ego will protest. It will tell you that to share holiness is to lose all chance at specialness. Why take that risk? Why give up all you’ve ever known and wanted? But the Holy Spirit will not make your special relationships disappear in a blaze of light. To use the metaphor of DID, he does not dissolve the alter personalities you thought to be real.


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