Everybody's Guide to Small Claims Court by Attorney Ralph Warner (Nolo)

Everybody's Guide to Small Claims Court by Attorney Ralph Warner (Nolo)

Author:Attorney Ralph Warner (Nolo)
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
Published: 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00

15 Orange Street

Hamden, CT

October 1, 20xx

Happy Days Motors

100 Speedway

New Haven, CT

Dear People:

On August 13, 20xx, I brought my 2000 Ford to your garage. You agreed to do a

complete engine rebuild job for $1,525. You told me, “Your car wil be running like a watch when we’re through with it.” The car worked well when I brought it in, but was

a little short on power. Two days later, when I picked up my car, it barely moved at all.

The engine made such a clanging noise that I’ve been afraid to drive it.

I have repeatedly asked you to fix the car or to refund my money. You have


I’ve had two mechanics check out my car since you worked on it. Both agree you

did your work improperly and even installed some used parts instead of new ones,

which you did not tell me. The work you did on the engine rings was particularly

poorly done.

After receiving no response from you, I had the work redone at a cost of $900.

My car now works well. Please refund my $1,525. Should you fail to do so within

ten days, I will promptly file complaints with the local Better Business Bureau and

take this dispute to small claims court. I hope to hear from you promptly.


Haig Mackey

Haig Mackey

cc: Connecticut Dept. of Consumer Affairs


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