Elizabeth by Philippa Jones

Elizabeth by Philippa Jones

Author:Philippa Jones [Jones, Philippa]
Language: eng
Format: epub, mobi
Tags: Elizabeth Virgin Queen?
ISBN: 9781780090535
Publisher: New Holland Publishers UK
Published: 2011-05-19T12:00:00+00:00

After the determination of the inquest, with Amy’s reputation safe from the taint of suicide, Robert was free to arrange a grand funeral and burial for his 28-year-old wife. On 20 September, her body was brought to Oxford, where her coffin rested in Worcester College. She was buried two days later in St Mary’s Church, Oxford. The funeral was suitably magnificent, with the church draped in black cloth, and fine apparel for Amy as well as the heralds attending the funeral procession. Money was no object, with ‘… the exchange of one hundred pounds of white money into gold, which was sent to Oxford for the charges of the burial’.22

Lady Margery Norris, a cousin of Alice, Anthony Forster’s wife, was the chief mourner at Amy’s funeral. She was accompanied by Sir Richard Blount, a close friend of Robert’s. Robert himself did not attend, as was the practice at the time. Custom held that a lady should act as chief mourner at another lady’s funeral, and the husband was not expected to be present. It is not safe to assume that guilt or remorse kept Robert away.

Exiled from the Court under a cloud of suspicion and rancour, Robert was grateful to his few supporters. Elizabeth’s Ambassador to the French Court, Sir Nicholas Throckmorton, wrote a tender letter to his friend:

I understand of the cruel mischance late happened to my lady your late bedfellow, to your discomfort … I will no further condole with your Lordship thereby to renew your grief, but only say that as we be all mortal … so is she gone before whither we must all follow to a place of more assurance and more quiet than can be found in this vale.23


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