Eden Underground: Poetry of Darkness by Manzetti Alessandro

Eden Underground: Poetry of Darkness by Manzetti Alessandro

Author:Manzetti, Alessandro [Manzetti, Alessandro]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: QuarkXPress, ebook, epub
Publisher: Crystal Lake Publishing
Published: 2015-07-10T07:00:00+00:00


The girl cries,

sitting on her piece of sidewalk.

The ravens dance, cawing,

forming a narrow, black circle

around the little hooker

who plugs her ears not to hear.

Their beaks suck

at the puddles of tears,

small oceans from young eyes,

without a seabed,

without coral’s colorful bones.

The biggest raven observes the scene,

keeping its balance on a branch—

the totem of flesh that everyone venerates—

it flaps its wings,

its chorus of feathers

merged with the strident violins

of the car’s brakes,

singing for the girl

below the streams of her runny makeup.

The girl’s face is streaked by black lines,


They are her faded thoughts, watered down,

drawing the lines of a requiem,

a white pentagram

on a black background.

The first customer of the evening

opens the window of his car,

hands a handkerchief to the girl,

then his sticky tongue,

the one of a heretic chameleon,

snaps toward his prey,

hitting her lukewarm wings.

The girl is dragged across the asphalt

to the man’s mouth,

his reptile heart

and infected belly.

The black car moves away.

The biggest raven chases it

toward the parking lot to the east,

a graveyard of strains, beheaded trees;

a rectangle of cement

pierced by gold manholes

which lead straight to hell.

The bird rotates its turbid eyes,

sees the man sucking his fingers,


pants down,

the taste of honey and Eden’s tomatoes,

the bittersweet, delicious pulp

of the torn, sold adolescence,

licking as the god of the saddest violins—

salt, tides, tears

of a sea never crossed

never pierced by a bow.



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