Digital Prohibition by Guertin Carolyn;

Digital Prohibition by Guertin Carolyn;

Author:Guertin, Carolyn; [Guertin, Carolyn]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 894540
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic & Professional

‘Aberrant decoding’ and atactical aesthetics

As digital remixing becomes the dominant mode of production in the Twenty-first century, the remixed work itself can be created using dramatically different techniques. There are seven distinct kinds of remixes or what I would call “atactical aesthetic” approaches. These are:

1 Sampling

2 Mashups

3 Remakes, adaptations, and/or intertexts

4 Capture, streamed content, and/or visualization

5 Surveillance art (which was discussed in the last section)

6 Archiving as an aesthetic form

7 Hacks.


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