Angel Dreams by Virtue Doreen Virtue Melissa

Angel Dreams by Virtue Doreen Virtue Melissa

Author:Virtue, Doreen, Virtue, Melissa [Virtue, Doreen, Virtue, Melissa]
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Publisher: Hay House
Published: 2013-02-08T14:00:00+00:00

Past-Life Puzzles

It is important to note that the following dream is not symbolic, but literal. Ellie Topley truly traveled to this sacred place to remember who she was and the knowledge she needed to bring forward.

In Ellie’s dream, there was no ceiling or walls—only sky, filled with stars. There was a tall, handsome, well-built man standing behind a desk. He seemed to Ellie to be angelic and otherworldly; although he appeared to be in his late 30s, she felt he was very wise and ancient. His eyes seemed to shift between bright and dark as he smiled. When she sat down at his desk, he began to point out constellations to her.

The angelic man was resting his left hand on an ancient book. Ellie tried to peek at the cover, but could only make out the letters Grae … When he noticed her staring, the man covered up the remaining letters. He then said warmly, “I have known and loved you, EL’ Izeh.” When Ellie awakened from this dream, one constellation in particular still firmly remained in her mind, and she immediately drew it in her journal.

In Ellie’s dream, she traveled to an astral plane and received some pieces of the puzzle to a life that she will one day need to remember. The man was most likely not an angel, but a guardian of Ellie’s whom she has known many lifetimes. Rather than giving her a lot of information at once, he seemed to be giving her a past-life message in bits and pieces so she wouldn’t become overwhelmed.

The constellations may have been a reminder to Ellie of where she originated before coming to earth. The book was probably a familiar one to her, and full of useful information. The man, however, allowed her to catch only a glimpse before covering up the remaining letters. He knew she would remember the rest in Divine timing.

Sometimes, in past-life dreams, we are given messages slowly, like pieces of a puzzle, so we do not overload our minds. It takes time to absorb powerful or life-changing information, so our angels and dream guides break the message down and space it out so we can assimilate it more easily. They want us to do a bit of homework by taking time to think and researching some of what we learned.


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