Age of Death by Michael

Age of Death by Michael

Author:Michael [Michael]
Language: eng
Format: epub

Chapter Fifteen

Dragon Secrets and Mouse Slippers

Poor indeed are the infallible, for facing failure teaches us how to prosper. — The Book of Brin

Suri’s second meeting with the fane was not in the throne room. Instead, she was escorted under dual guards to a smaller chamber in the palace. A long table of polished wood dominated the space. She was instructed to sit in the chair at the far end. This delighted Suri as it was the seat nearest a tall window. She sat in the chair, but sideways so she could look out. She hadn’t had much chance to see Erivan, and the view was beautiful. From her position several stories above Estramnadon, she could see across the plaza to the far hill that was crowned by a white, domed building. Trees dotted the landscape. Most of them had lost their foliage, and what remained was yellow and brown. Without the leaves, the sunlight was able to reach the ground. It glistened off homes, shops, and dew-slick streets.

Although she still wore the collar, the Orinfar markings had been negated. Suri was free and once again connected to the world of the Art. On the first try, she had mastered the blocking shield that Makareta had demonstrated and she had received a concerned look of astonishment from the young Miralyith. If the fane attempted to betray Suri again, she would surprise him as well.

Lothian entered quite a while later, yet it seemed far too soon for Suri. He walked in with the two bodyguards she had seen before, the big and the little. The fane moved to the chair at the opposite end of the long table, which seemed a bit absurd given there were many closer seats. While still in the process of sitting, he asked, “Are you prepared to tell me the secret of dragons?”

“Yes,” Suri replied.

The Fhrey ruler shooed out his escorts and sat down. He waited until they were alone, then leaned to one side and propped an elbow on the chair’s arm. He appeared calm, but his eyes were as bright as full moons. Thoughtfully, he rubbed his lower lip. The fane and the mystic watched each other in silence. The glass of the window let in light but not sound: no wind, no songs of birds, no murmuring voices. The eye of the world was on her, waiting to see what would happen.

Suri thought about Arion.

Is this what you expected? Is this the moment you saw?

“Before I tell you how to make dragons, I must ask that I be granted Ferrol’s Protection in return.” Suri expected the fane to explode, to demand that she not make requests, but he didn’t.

Imaly had stressed that she must obtain this concession before telling him anything, and she also cautioned Suri to be specific about the term. This two-word demand was something the Curator had drilled into her, insisting it was Ferrol’s Protection and not the Protection of Ferrol, as the latter was something completely different. Ferrol’s Protection was


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