Adventures of Radisson by Fournier Martin

Adventures of Radisson by Fournier Martin

Author:Fournier, Martin
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 978-1-926824-68-0
Publisher: Baraka Books

EACH TIME ORINHA found sleep, a frightening dream hit him: an enemy cracked his skull open, he fell into a precipice, the Erie devoured him. He woke up with a jump and, eyes wide open, gazed for a moment at the thousands of stars glistening in the infinite sky. The wind rustled the leaves, which stirred in the night. The peace and quiet calmed him a little. But he realized he did not understand the link between the message of peace from the great prophet Deganawida and his father’s desire to have them sow terror to the ends of the earth. Why must salvation for all involve the death of so many? There was something in this way of thinking that he could not quite grasp.

Once again sleep overcame him.

In the early hours of the morning, Ganaha awakened him with a violent shake. Orinha was the only one still asleep. All the other warriors were preparing to leave, their faces daubed with war paint, weapons at the ready, impatient and nervous. When he saw the painted face leaning over him, Orinha leaped to his feet, ready to fight for his life. The scene reminded him of the day he was captured. But by then he was awake. He recognized his brother and pulled himself together. There wasn’t a minute to lose. Ganaha painted broad strips of brown, black, and red over his face as Orinha swallowed a piece of cold meat. He picked up his musket, his tomahawk, his bow and his arrows, checked that the medicine bag Kondaron gave him was still there, around his waist, and caught up with the others. They ran to the river and flung their canoes into the water.

“I’m going with you!” Orinha shouted after his brother.

“Kondaron knows. We will always fight together. Don’t worry.”

Orinha, Ganaha, Otasseté, and Shononses teamed up in one of the big canoes. Atotara climbed into the second with Kondaron, Tahira, and Deconissora. Tahonsiwa and Thadodaho took their places in the small canoe. The two young warriors led the war party as it set off toward the Erie fishermen.


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