A Long, Hard Ride by Alison Kent

A Long, Hard Ride by Alison Kent

Author:Alison Kent [Kent, Alison]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: 0-60
Publisher: Harlequin
Published: 2009-02-01T08:00:00+00:00


“YOU AND CARDIN WORTH? Engaged? What the hell?” Tater asked, having held his questions until he and Trey were alone. “Sounds like this is going to require a lot more explanation than we’ve got time for tonight, bro.”

Trey had watched Cardin leave, then taken a bite of his burger and a gulp of his beer, ignoring the look of astonishment on Tater’s face. The other man’s doubts, however, he couldn’t ignore. Not when Tater had been a rock through most of Trey’s life.

The fact that he had made the blow sting all the more. “I figured you of all people would be happy for me. For us.”

“I didn’t say I wasn’t happy.” Tater paused as if wanting to make sure this time he was heard. “All I said was, what the hell? I mean, who wouldn’t be happy?”

“Try the only other people we’ve told,” Trey said, annoyed at too many things to name.

“I’m going to guess that’s her folks.”

“Bin-go.” Trey reached for the pitcher to refill his mug. Tater reached for the one Cardin had left, shrugging an apology for taking something that belonged to Trey’s woman.

Trey’s woman. He liked the way that sounded. He liked it a lot. “Yeah. Eddie and Delta weren’t too thrilled, though they finally gave us their blessing…”

Tater sputtered. “If you actually asked them, you’re a braver soul than I.”

Huh? “Why wouldn’t I ask?”

“I’m not saying you shouldn’t. But knowing her parents have been through a lot…” Gathering his thoughts, Tater screwed his mouth to one side, a motion that left him looking like a strawberry blond and freckled Popeye. “Did what Cardin tell you match up with the reality of how bad things are between them?”

Trey had to say no. So far, he hadn’t seen much—if any—of the conflict between them that had driven Cardin to these lengths. “Not really, but then I’ve spent most of my time here with her. I gotta say, though, they did a pretty damn good job of taking sides against us.”

Which was exactly what Cardin had wanted. Trey wondered if she was celebrating their response, or feeling as beat up as he was.

“Man, I don’t get that at all.” Tater swooped three fries through the pool of ketchup he’d poured and scarfed them down like a starving man—not one weighing the same one-eighty he had when they’d hit the football field as seniors. “I would think their siding together would be both of them jumping for joy, you know? What parents wouldn’t want you for a son-in-law?”

That gave Trey a chuckle. “Thanks, but I can see where they’re coming from, too. Life on the road isn’t for everyone.”

“It seems to suit you okay. You don’t get back but once a year to say hello.”

Did it suit him? Trey wondered. Or was it just what he did because he loved the work? And why was he even asking himself these questions? He and Cardin weren’t really engaged. They weren’t going to be living on the road, or anywhere together.

He was getting worked up over a relationship that wasn’t going to have any real impact on his life.


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