Transparency by Penney Peirce

Transparency by Penney Peirce

Author:Penney Peirce
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Beyond Words/Atria

A Brief Overview

Understanding the process we go through to become transparent bears a little repeating, so here’s a brief summary. You can revisit the material in chapter 1 for the more detailed description.

You first learn to identify and clear your own clutter and live in your home frequency, saturating your body, emotions, thoughts, and personal field (or sphere) with the soul’s vibration. As you do this, you realize—and experience —that the physical world is the spiritual world, and it responds to love and attention.

You also learn to allow other people to go through their clearing process at their own speed, offering assistance if it feels natural, but you don’t try to save them to make yourself feel better. You let people of every vibration have space in your sphere, without affecting your choice to feel the way you like to feel. You learn not to merge with vibrations that are lower than your own home frequency because what you put your attention on becomes real for you, and you can confuse yourself unnecessarily.

After you stabilize the frequency of your sphere at your preferred state and are good at maintaining your center, you gradually let go of your habits, stories, identities, and securities. As you empty yourself of what’s old and opaque, for a time you may feel isolated, cold, directionless, disillusioned, purposeless, hollow, vague, unmotivated, or even stupid or crazy. You temporarily become meaningless and allow yourself to be vulnerable.

This is the period of ego death, when the left brain reluctantly hands the reins of control over to the right brain, body, field, and soul. There are often some death throes, where the left brain/ego might cause suicidal or violent thoughts, throw you into depression or spurts of hyperactivity, or create panic attacks. Think of these things as surges of random electricity arcing off into the atmosphere like solar flares from the sun. Your system is learning to settle back into the soul’s deep, silent peace, and it releases disruptive energy to make space for the new state to emerge, much as you might have fits of worry or flashbacks of the day as you’re falling asleep.

Once you’re comfortable shifting from the doing-having-knowing part of the brain into the being-experiencing-communion part of the brain, you rest in that stillness for an unknown period; time doesn’t exist in that state. This is liminal space, and it is akin to the caterpillar-to-butterfly transmutation process. You are rocking out of your form habits and structure into the imaginal realm. This allows the soul to repattern your inner blueprint to relay a new set of instructions that will lead you successfully into your new super-clear self. You may experience this state as captivity and punishment until you learn to know it as peace and reward.

Then at some mysterious point, without understanding the timing or reason, you suddenly rock back in and “reappear” in your life—but with new consciousness and desires. You may feel like a different person, as though you’ve died and been reborn.


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