Then Comes Marriage by Kasey Michaels - London Friends 03

Then Comes Marriage by Kasey Michaels - London Friends 03

Author:Kasey Michaels - London Friends 03 [03, Kasey Michaels - London Friends]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2011-04-18T12:38:32+00:00

her— pardon me, my dear, while we speak of you as if you aren't really here. But it's true. My cousin had her sent to Singleton Chase, just weeks before he was murdered as it turns out, with instructions to keep her safe until he could petition the courts to become her guardian. Didn't he, Miss Felicity?"

So much for refusing to use her as bait. But what else could she expect from him, having jumped in with both feet herself, which she'd done by disobeying him and making Lady Bellinagara's acquaintance. He'd just dangled her as bait as, at the same time, he'd also set himself up as a target. Brady must have been serious when he said he wanted this over, and as quickly as possible. He'd probably have her tied up and driven to the safety of the Willoughby estate before morning—if she let him. But perhaps, if she showed him how very good she was to have near him, how helpful she could be… ?

Regina gave a slight shiver, then rearranged her fea tures into one of slight panic. She cast her eyes around the room, as if everyone was listening, and said quietly, "I really don't think it wise, my lord, to repeat what I've told you in confidence. Not when we don't know who—"

"Oh, now, now," Brady drawled, lifting the lapel of his evening coat, to sniff at the tulips in his lapel,

"you're not going to start with that outlandish story again, are you? As if I believe a word of it, because I don't. Honestly, my lord," he said, looking at the earl of Allerton, "one would think Miss Felicity and my cousin were involved in some grand mystery, wouldn't one? I refuse to listen to her when she gets like this. Why, if I were to do otherwise, she'd soon have me checking for monsters under my bed."

"Fanciful, is she?" Sir Randolph asked, at last joining in the conversation. "Had a sister like that. She had a whole regiment of monsters under her bed."

"Really?" Brady said, looking at Sir Randolph as if mightily impressed by his words. "But, please, don't be put off by her missish ways. I've settled a fine dowry on her, frankly, because I would rather she become someone else's problem, dear as she is, dear as she must have been to my late cousin. Any takers, gentlemen? I vow, she could be like Scheherazade, telling a different wonderful story every night—although she does seem to be stuck on one particular tale. Pity. Miss Felicity, are you quite sure you wouldn't care to tell our new friends your marvelous story? Come, come now, don't be shy. It's truly fascinating."

Now Regina willed herself to pale, and blinked a tear into her eye. "Oh, why won't you believe me? But, no— no. I don't want to talk about this anymore," she exclaimed in a voice trembling with terror. "Please, my lords, my lady, excuse me. I wish to return to my chaperone."



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