The Shape and Size of the Earth by Dino Boccaletti

The Shape and Size of the Earth by Dino Boccaletti

Author:Dino Boccaletti
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9783319905938
Publisher: Springer International Publishing

And from the latter we take:Hence, supported by these authors, let us say that the supercelestial waters exist and it is due to them if Saturn is cold and humid, as is the Moon for the nearness of the lower elements, whereas Mars is hot for the nearness of the Sun. Indeed, what those think, that the looser elements cannot bear a denser substance, is not philosophical, in fact, we see that both wood and stones are borne by waters. And also the air close to the earth, even if lighter than waters, supports them when they are turned into steam. If then the higher waters are less dense than those turned into steam, why could they not be perpetually supported by the fire and the air, as those denser are lifted by the air from the ground? In fact, it is manifest that the dense clouds and the huge bodies of dragons or birds are supported by the air. And furthermore, the air closed in a bladder maintains the skin of the bladder stretched, even if lighter, and will be able of supporting a weight as great as it be, until it is kept closed. Thus, a bubble of fire or air, closed in the density of the waters, notwithstanding its lightness, is not forbidden from supporting the waters, neither the water can fall around, until the fire or the air collapse somewhere, since a body cannot occupy the place of another if this has not drawn back. Indeed, the air and the fire, in order not to fly away, are compressed by the surrounding waters and have waters overlapping from everywere. And if those waters, thickened by the chilliness, become hard like a crystal, the more they are solid, so much keep closed the air and the fire so that they cannot escape and the more they are strongly supported. Indeed, it is not even necessary to support them since they are no more fluid.36


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