The River in the Sky by Clive James

The River in the Sky by Clive James

Author:Clive James
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Regard Watteau’s morose pierrots –

Or at best equipped with a fou rire –

Sibilant in their painted silk:

The embarkation for Cythera

On the double-ended ferry

From Circular Quay

The journey through the mirror

On the old South Steyne

To where I am now

In the valley of reflections

That fuse and then dissolve

First the multiplicity –

A storm of definitions –

And then the glow of fire

As the frantic horses burn

In the red light district

Of Hiroshima

Picasso did his best

When he chose his screaming horse

To find the outer limits

Of panic and of pain,

But life would soon outdo him

With chambers full of children

Aware that they were choking

In a fog even their mothers

Would not be able to undo

Qué làstima, ohimè lasso

And far away from them

Two children who escaped

Were me and you


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