The Physics of Music and Color by Leon Gunther

The Physics of Music and Color by Leon Gunther

Author:Leon Gunther
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9783030192198
Publisher: Springer International Publishing

9.4 Refraction

Suppose that a plane wave is traveling in one medium and is incident upon an interface of this medium with a second medium through which the wave can propagate. Examples include light in air that is incident upon an air/glass interface, or a sound wave in air, incident upon an air/water interface.5 We have both a reflected wave and a transmitted wave . We focus here on the transmitted wave.

In Fig. 9.21 we exhibit a wave incident on an interface. Notice that the transmitted wave is not in the same direction as the incident wave. This change in direction is called refraction . Of greatest interest is the relationship between the angle of incidence θ i and the angle of refraction θ r.6

Fig. 9.21Refraction at the interface of two media


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