Pagan Portals - Loki: Trickster and Transformer by Dagulf Loptson

Pagan Portals - Loki: Trickster and Transformer by Dagulf Loptson

Author:Dagulf Loptson [Loptson, Dagulf]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781789043099
Google: hBaByAEACAAJ
Amazon: 1789043093
Publisher: Moon Books
Published: 2020-05-28T23:00:00+00:00

Chapter 7

Goða Dolgr: The Enemy of the Gods

Aside from his wife Sigyn in Asgarðr, Loki had a lover in Jötunheimr named Angrboða, the “distress bringer”. With her he had three children: Fenrir the monstrous wolf, Jörmungandr the world serpent, and Hel the goddess of death, half of whose body is beautiful while the other is a rotting corpse. When the Æsir discovered that these three children were being raised in Jötunheimr, they traced prophecies to them that said they would be the cause of great disaster. Óðinn sent the gods to collect the children and bring them to him. Jörmungandr he threw into the sea, where the serpent grew so enormous that he encircled the world until he could bite his own tail. Hel was thrown into Niflheimr, where she was left to care for the spirits of the dead who had died of sickness or old age. The Æsir brought the wolf home with them, until Fenrir grew so enormous that they chose to deceive him into being bound with a magical fetter forged by the dwarves. The wolf lays bound and waiting on an island named Lyngvi, just as his siblings lay in wait until they will escape their imprisonment at Ragnarök and will go to battle against the gods.


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