Goldfields Girl by Elaine Forrestal

Goldfields Girl by Elaine Forrestal

Author:Elaine Forrestal
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Fremantle Press
Published: 2020-07-15T00:00:00+00:00

Drinking water was in such short supply that everyone looked forward to the arrival of Jack and his team of horses bringing the precious liquid from the dams and wells his father owned. When the anxiously awaited column of dust appeared on the horizon on a Saturday the men gathered with their billies, pans and converted kerosene tins with handles.

I also watched eagerly for that telltale dust. For me it meant that Jack would soon be here. Since he started coming regularly there were always things I wanted to tell him and he would bring me news of my family and gossip from the Cross.

When he arrived for his third run in late November, I went to the door of the hotel and waved to him as his team pulled up outside. He called back to me from his seat behind the horses while eager men crowded around with pouches of gold or money in their hands. They were all clamouring to be served first, just in case the water ran out.

It would be a busy day for us because most of the men who had made the trip into town to collect their water would stay on, drinking in the bar, playing billiards and sometimes renting rooms for the night. On days like this I flew through the extra work, thinking about Jack and looking forward to sharing all the things I had been saving up to tell him.


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