Expect Delays by Bill Berkson

Expect Delays by Bill Berkson

Author:Bill Berkson [Berkson, Bill]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781566893855
Publisher: Coffee House Press


Boy socialite

Episcopalian Jew Buddhist

An invitee

Not quite Harvard material

The Social History of Art

Pasternak on Mandelstam: “He got into a conversation that started before him.”

And Mandelstam: “My breath, my warmth has already lain on the panes of eternity.”

What is it “to work on yourself,” you who keeps the hand?

Reply to Adorno

sheet music

parchment or vellum

shaped into


the old way

before human

skin became


After the war and the poetry anthologies had appeared,

Deafening was the shaft of sunlight’s spruce and snare.

(Something cornball about those snares, beware!)


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