Dreams Of Emerald: Dawnchild Book Two by Evelyn Shine

Dreams Of Emerald: Dawnchild Book Two by Evelyn Shine

Author:Evelyn Shine [Shine, Evelyn]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: vampire romance, steamy romance, timetravel romance, fantasy romance, Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Evelyn Shine
Published: 2021-09-21T22:00:00+00:00

ACROSS THE STREET, eyes of old ivory squinted in dismay. That was indeed Lorenzo. Who is that little human he is lavishing affections on? His gaze lit on the other man. Durant. A snarl curled Agustin’s lip.

He’d heard rumors that Durant Lemaitre had been traveling from House to House, speaking about a revolutionary change. Whispers that he’d created a Dawnchild rolled through society, and everyone who’d met her was charmed. Agustin eyed the girl. Is she the Dawnchild they spoke of? The woman wasn’t particularly attractive. He sneered. Her skin seemed marred by some sort of decolorization, and she wore odd spectacles. While dressed in the latest fashion, her figure appeared exaggerated, not the slim athletic build Immortal women tended toward.

As they stood to leave, Agustin noted that she was quite short, the top of her head barely reaching both men’s chest level. Lorenzo was supposed to be choosing an Immortal bride, but it was obviously not what he was doing. Agustin’s thin lips pulled tight. She seemed to have the affectionate attention of both men.

Is she their little blood pet? Or has he truly Created her? Why would he bother with a Created? It’s not like they can procreate. He needed to squash this minor rebellion before it got out of hand. A simple warning should be enough.

He gestured to a man nearby. “Get the girl separate and rough her up,” he murmured to the other man. “Leave a warning for them to cease their political planning. Rumor has it she’s been Created, so if she resists, feel free to go heavy, but don’t kill her.” He dismissed the man.

His eyes flashed to Lorenzo. Agustin would send a formal summons to speak to him. He needed Lorenzo’s compliance, not his rebellion. He walked on, sure that these little rumors would be crushed before they could root.


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