Dream Power by Cynthia Richmond

Dream Power by Cynthia Richmond

Author:Cynthia Richmond
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Okay, before getting grossed out, let’s take this dream apart and look at the symbols. The camel can survive for days in the hot desert without water, and so is associated with survival. A camel also kneels to be loaded down with heavy merchandise or supplies and is therefore symbolic of humility, but it can also be mean-spirited and sometimes spit.

The meaning of this dream could be as simple as a desire to become a self-sufficient survivor or more humble in nature. The dreamer should ask herself if she could see her actual lover or herself as mean-spirited. Is this something she needs to pay attention to? When a dream is unpleasant, take a breath and break it down into separate components. It will make a lot more sense and set you at ease.


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