Doctor Baby Daddy by Hamel B. B

Doctor Baby Daddy by Hamel B. B

Author:Hamel, B. B.
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2019-05-14T16:00:00+00:00



For the rest of that week, I jump from thinking Gavin is the sexiest man I’ve ever seen to thinking he’s the biggest asshole in the world.

Well, he’s probably both, if I’m honest with myself. There’s something about his brash, rude confidence that draws me in, but also pushes me away. And every time I think I might want to try and go for more, to maybe ask him on a date or something stupid like that, I remember the secret that I’ve been carrying around with me everywhere I go.

It’s not impossible to imagine myself pregnant. I mean, I’ve been doing it my whole life. I’ve always known that I want to have a baby someday, I just never knew that this was going to be that day. I figured I’d be happily married, in a stable hospital position, or maybe even in private practice. I figured I’d be dating the father, at the very least.

Instead, I’m pregnant during the hardest year of my life and my freaking teacher knocked me up.

God, it’s an impossible situation, and Gavin doesn’t make it any easier.

“He’s in a mood,” Tracy whispers to me one afternoon, just a couple weeks after finding out about the baby.

“Really?” I ask her, frowning.

“Yeah. Ripped into Thomas for something stupid like ten minutes ago.”

“What’d he do?” I took the morning off to go get my first prenatal checkup at a hospital about a half hour away, so I’m out of the loop right now. Of course, I told Gavin that I had to do something for my mother, since I couldn’t exactly tell him the truth.

“Nothing,” Tracy says, her eyes wide. “I mean, he answered a question wrong, and then he had trouble finding a vein on a patient. But it seriously was nothing.”

“And Gavin flipped?”

She nods. “Just flipped. Ripped into him. It was…” She trails off, shaking her head.

I bite my lip, a knot in my stomach. Gavin’s in a patient’s room and he left the group outside to wait for him, something he does a lot when we’d only get in the way.

When he finally comes out, I can instantly see the mood etched all over his face. He looks sour, annoyed, and he doesn’t even look me over twice before flicking his head wordlessly. The group follows him down the hall.

“Melody,” he snaps. “The anterior landmark denoting the level of the plane between the superior and inferior mediastinum is the what?”

I clear my throat. “The sternal angle,” I say.

He grunts and nod his approval. I feel myself swell with pride, only to realize that he doesn’t really care if we get it right or not. He just wants to quiz us to death to make sure we’re on our toes.

We follow him down a few more halls before he stops outside of a room. “Stay here,” he barks and disappears inside.

“See?” Tracy asks me. “He’s on a rampage.”

I sigh. “All morning he’s been like this?”

“All morning,” she confirms. “What do you think it is?”

“I have no clue.


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