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Chapter 32 Safety Violations and Disqualification You are expected to understand how to be safe and how to keep everyone else safe by following competition and range-specific rules at all ...
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182 FEED THE KITTY Trophy blue catfish relish fresh baitfish, including shad, skipjacks, and blueback herring. Use what’s common to the water you’re fishing—most anglers catch their own with Sabiki ...
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Chapter Twenty-Five They went back to the barn. One side of the building was piled high with hay for the winter. Sides of salted and cured meat hung from the ...
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EXTRACTOR Wipe the extractor clean, and scrub the carbon and gunk out of the hook. Check the hook by rubbing it against the heel of your hand. You should have ...
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Crankbaits—This is another good lure family for beginners. Crankbaits are so-named because they have built-in actions. All you have to do is cast them and then crank the reel handle. ...
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The whole object of a bead foresight And anyway, always bear in mind that the oldtimer’s maxim holds as good today as ever it did in the days of black ...
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THE WEST SLOPE—CENTRAL REGION Elkhart Park is the most popular trailhead for fishing the central third of the Bridger Wilderness. The Boulder Lake Trailhead, 20 miles to the southeast, is ...
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Once the snows of winter arrive, the fly rods are hung on the wall, the cross country skis appear, and Lone Mountain becomes a mecca for wilderness skiers who can ...
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Technique #5 – Weir Method There is another powerful technique that modifies the stream or lake you are fishing in by building a structure inside of it. The weir method ...
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Home Defense In the home defense category, there aren't any real size constraints for the firearm, so we recommend a full sized gun. Not only will they hold more rounds, ...
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Great Bass Flies Although bass will often take mayflies, hoppers, and beetles, I’ve never had any success using the smaller flies that often make for successful trout fishing. Both largemouth ...
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‘Sometimes I hired out my own flat in Lowndes Square for chemmy parties. That was worth £60 a night to me. But mostly it was at other people’s houses that ...
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