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THIS STATE PARK HAS AN interesting history. The area was named for Ambrose Burnside, a Union general during the Civil War. Ol’ Ambrose was a little thin on top, so ...
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The bishop says, that “miracles are proper proofs of a divine mission.” Admitted. But we know that men, and especially priests, can tell lies and call them miracles. It is ...
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* * * III. A RECORD FIGHT WITH A SWORDFISH ON the very first day of our 1919 season, July 1st, my brother R. C. and I, with Captain Danielson, ...
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A shoal of hatchery-raised rainbow trout. Trout farming from the outset was primarily a means for replenishing rivers and lakes, and stocking waters where trout had not existed before, but ...
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where to eat Cowiche Canyon Kitchen. 202 E. Yakima Ave., Yakima; (509) 457-2007; A large, modern eatery near the historic district, this restaurant serves American fare with style. Local ...
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Chapter Twenty: Nurkaij Strikes The door burst open and Byrna rushed in, followed by her brothers. “What’s going on?” Carlette demanded as she and Tuk leapt to their feet. She ...
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CALVES June Our first calves were late, or maybe I did the sums wrong. It takes nine months to make a calf, but the date for their arrival came and ...
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where to shop Blue Heron Gallery. 76 US 101; (541) 765-2441; A wide variety of hard-to-find art and collectibles are on hand here including Hummel, Swarovski, Walt Disney Classics, ...
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Love in a Time of Science In time, our understanding of the cosmos changed. But not most people’s view of it. Natural philosophers were pushing for a new worldview, but ...
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7.9 Practical Proposals to Deal with Each Type of Obstacle The specific proposals of the present study for solving the water problem in Mexico are the following:(a)It is critically necessary ...
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NIIRA RADIA 38 Controversy has never been far from veteran public relations professional Niira Radia, thanks to one leak after another. In 2010, it was the leak of thousands of ...
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MEAL TIME A trip like the Mitta one just described reinforces the somewhat confused relationship I have with food when fishing. Under the direction of Max and Dale, the Mitta ...
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