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Chapter 7 Goða Dolgr: The Enemy of the Gods Aside from his wife Sigyn in Asgarðr, Loki had a lover in Jötunheimr named Angrboða, the “distress bringer”. With her he ...
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CHAPTER 14 The Dagda: The Big Father Back in the days when gods and goddesses lived aboveground in Ireland, a great conflict emerged between the Túatha Dé Danann and their ...
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Prayers for the End of the Day The Aidan Compline In monastic communities, compline, or night prayer, is offered at the end of the day before going to bed. Compline ...
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Figure 4–5: Pentagrams of Earth The Ritual of the Water Pentagram. This is performed with one or the other of the two pentagrams of water, as shown below—the first to ...
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Once the water has been collected, it may be stored in the same type of vessels as used above. If necessary, the water may be moon cleansed, as mentioned. DISTILLING ...
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Can you find at least five distinct runes in the first bindrune, and four in the second bindrune? What do you these combinations mean to you? Runes and Celestial Bodies ...
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If a Lakota is doing a ceremony relative to Wakinyan (Thunder Being), he should make an incense of the leaves of the cedar tree. This is because the cedar tree ...
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Part Three Lore Chapter Ten Plant Lore Anyone worth their salt working with the Hedge Druid’s Craft has got to know at least something about the local flora. To access ...
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[contents] * * * 188. Evans-Wentz, The Fairy Faith, 95; Saxby, Shetland Traditional Lore, 116; see chapter 11 of my British Fairies. 189. Burne, Shropshire Folklore, Part I, 58; Johnson, ...
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Diarmod laughed low. "Your words are not the words of a priest of Mary," he said. "An army of men with your heart would be a good army for battles." ...
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…to the king of Spirits, and to his queen – Gwyn ap Nudd, you who are yonder in the forest, for love of your mate, permit us to enter your ...
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Manawydan fab Llŷr Throu ghout both the second and third branches Manawydan displays his wisdom, first advising his brother Brân, then surviving the battles, and finally with his skill in ...
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