Modern Renaissance
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Bringing Down the Curtain The decline of Aristotelianism in the seventeenth century caused the “if Aristotle were alive” motif to lose its force, and in the eighteenth century it no ...
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CHAPTER 6 OLD LANDS AND MACHIAVELLI’S NEW ONE Machiavelli furnishes two contradictory characterizations of himself and his enterprise: on one hand, he declares with seemingly dispositive authority that he is ...
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“O, father, is it then to be conceiv’d That any of these spirits, so sublime, Should hence to the celestial regions climb, And thence return to earth to reassume Their ...
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9 “The Jew of Voorburg” IN 1665, the village of Voorburg, just outside The Hague, was in the grip of a rancorous civil dispute over who would be the next ...
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It is therefore ourselves who are really barbaric, in corrupting and smothering Nature’s beauty with clothing and decoration. By contrast, he remarks upon the uncultivated fruits of this new Eden: ...
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8 The Philosopher’s Stone (illustrations credit 8.1) A few months later Montaigne found himself in slightly less formal surroundings, relaxing trouserlessly in the warm mineral baths at Bagni di Lucca. ...
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