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epub |eng | 2001-09-15 | Author:Brian Craig

About The Author Brian Craig is the author of the three Tales of Orfeo - Zaragoz, Plague Daemon and Storm Warriors - and The Wine of Dreams, as well as ...
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epub |eng | 2020-09-01 | Author:Dakota Adan

Pride I’ve been sitting in the dark, begging my pen to write this poem, trying to make sense of the quiet. The closet is no place to live. And neither ...
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epub |eng | 2020-06-22 | Author:Jeff Foster [Foster, Jeff]

Warriors of shit. Shit warriors. Let’s start a revolution. WHEN YOUR PATH IS YOUR FEET Take the step. Shiver, tremble, shake, vomit, wet yourself. Feel more fear than you’ve ever ...
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epub |eng | 2021-11-01 | Author:Ravi Nathwani [Ravi Nathwani]

RABIA Persia (Iraq) I searched for my Self until I grew weary, but no one, I know now, reaches the hidden knowledge by means of effort. Then, absorbed in “Thou ...
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epub |eng | 2023-09-28 | Author:yung pueblo

understanding over winning: normally, we seek to win arguments, but that framing creates a situation in which one person is bound to lose. relationships should never be about continued continued ...
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pdf | | | Author:Adler, C., et al.

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epub |eng | 2018-04-27 | Author:Jay Griffiths

PARADISO GIOCOSO Whales are serious about play, in deliberate delphic delight, in a porpoiseful paradise, having a whale of a time. Cetaceans play with feathers and flotsam, twigs and jetsam, ...
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epub |eng | | Author:Steve Duno

At two years old and nearly 130 pounds, Branka the bullmastiff prided himself on having an infamous reputation among the Beverly Hills landscaping community. Owned by a Hollywood film producer, ...
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epub |eng | 2020-12-08 | Author:Josh Hilden

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pdf | | 2022-05-19 | Author:SturkWurk

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epub |eng | 2020-05-15 | Author:Luci Shaw

Yesterday the leaves fell, as they will, and the air acquired distance and a cold clarity that invited us to see higher, telling us it is time to stop and ...
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epub |eng | 2012-04-27 | Author:Muhammad Iqbal [Iqbal, Muhammad]

THE SPHERE OF MARS The Martians _______________   For an instant I closed my eyes in the waters, 1810 for a little in the depths I broke away from myself,   bore my ...
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epub |eng | 2022-04-18 | Author:Angemeer, Michaela [Angemeer, Michaela]

that it’s my turn it’s not my turn it’s not my turn it’s not my turn but still i crawl on the line between friends and more than all i’ve ...
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