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The Core Emotions of Anger, Sadness, and Fear I like to consider emotions as allies. They are here to help you make better decisions and connect more fully in your ...
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The drive to dominate tends to diminish the “great power” status of others. And while democracies in Western Europe and the United States seem sensitive to their own feelings of ...
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They tend to be goal-oriented around this, so they have a tendency not to be good listeners. Aggressive communicators express statements that convey the following: · The other person is ...
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chapter 9 New Life Perspectives—El Camino Wednesday, June 21, 2017 I’m sitting in a courtyard outside the hostel in Roncesvalles. Had a long journey yesterday, left home at 4:30 am, ...
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We get off on watching other people play for us, instead of playing ourselves. And we appreciate them so much, we pay them exorbitant salaries to do what we don’t ...
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Seven Ending Thought Indulgence Applying the Get To Principle in my everyday life has been a lifesaver, constantly bringing me back to compassion and gratitude and into the present moment. ...
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Chapter Twelve Red channelled his frustrations into kicking the ball. It sailed passed the goalie into the post. The men on his team whooped. Ifeanyi ran to pat his back. ...
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Chapter 25 The Healing Storyteller Just as words can make us feel sick, words can make us feel healthy. I couldn’t physically control the way my body was healing, but ...
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Untested alerting signs and lack of diagnostic criteria In order to explore this further, it is helpful to refer to the NICE and the RCPCH guidance issued to explain when ...
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Chapter 4. Validation and Conflicts A: “I feel like you’re always criticizing me…” B: “What are you talking about? I never criticized you!” A: “I know you don’t mean to, ...
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7 Use Gratitude to Counter Stress and Uncertainty By Christopher Littlefield Living in a constant state of uncertainty—a pandemic, a looming recession, or layoffs—can feel like running a race with ...
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