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Watery veggies are a must on hot days and during dry seasons, such as fall and early winter. Look for fruits and vegetables that have the highest water content and ...
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ADVANCED TIP: LEGUMES FOR LONGEVITY Legumes are actually the superstars of the prebiotic world. Not surprisingly, an interesting study on longevity found that legumes were the single most important dietary ...
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The first step to bringing our touch to the emotional layer of the face is to start bringing more awareness to the face-emotion connection while we practice self-massage. We don’t ...
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CLOVE BUD Eugenia carophyllata Dried flower bud, steam distilled. Please read the WARNINGs below before using Clove Bud Essential Oil. Clove bud has one valuable first aid benefit; Clove oil ...
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What Are the Clairs? There are eight clair senses that we can tap into to receive unearthly information: Clairvoyance – clear seeing Clairaudience – clear hearing Claircognizance – clear knowing ...
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CHAPTER 19 HAPPY I was back at Walthamstow Tube station. And it was midnight. My god, Mum’s going to be worried. I turned on my phone as Dorothy and I ...
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Serving Size: 4 Total Prep Time: 20 minutes Ingredient List: 4 large ripe tomatoes 2 Tbsp. olive oil 1 garlic clove, crushed 2 slice bread, ½ inch thick, crusts remove ...
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• Consider aspects of your body you feel you may have inherited from your parents and grandparents. (If you don't know one or both of your biological parents, imagine them. ...
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Amnesia Amnesia is the inability to recall something. In therapy, for example, when a person comes out of a deep hypnosis session they often will not remember anything that was ...
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You no longer need to go through life in “one up-one down” relationships. Today you have choices. Recovery is learning to tolerate your feelings without the need to engage in ...
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Day 153. When we have a flow of good energy in our hearts and we aim to make others happy—we cannot keep happiness from our own selves. Mark Twain once ...
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Postmenopausal Symptoms Alleviated with Fasting Lingering hot flashes Sleepless nights Stubborn weight gain Belly fat Mood changes such as depression and anxiety RESETS DONE IN A COMMUNITY Personally, I feel ...
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And—once more for those of us who are slow—such a unified world federation would produce—? 1. An end to wars between nations and the settling of disputes by killing. 2. ...
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