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Profitability Ratios Profitability is important for all companies, but this book focuses on startups and small to medium-sized companies. Profit is incurred when expenses are subtracted from the revenue. Without ...
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13 Her senses were on high alert expecting trouble. Staring at the barn, Steph lowered the binoculars and turned away from the window. All was well. She was beginning to ...
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Expectation I knew that if a person had a heart disease, one of the symptoms is chest pain that might feel like pressure or a squeezing sensation. I didn’t know ...
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The author, with his confident mix of scientific insight and contempt for received wisdom, signed his name: Prof. Brian Josephson Department of Physics University of Cambridge III EXPLORING SYNC • ...
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Implicit criteria, on the other hand, isn’t provided. Instead, it comes from the analysis of either the explicit data or the prospect’s online behavior. The implicit data reveals much more ...
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CHAPTER FIVE DEPATHOLOGIZING DISTRUST The problem of distrusting citizens should be recast or reformulated as an issue of social justice. —John Johnson, Andrew Melnikov, “The Wisdom of Distrust”1 The organization ...
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DISPOSERS OF HAZARDOUS WASTE Fifteen years ago, the dangerous disposal of waste by the Camorra in their home region near Naples resulted in dramatically increased incidences of cancer.134 Organized crime ...
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Chapter 10 – Machine Learning If a plant seed is placed in the dark and there’s even a hint of sunlight, the plant will grow, twist and contort itself as ...
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How do you select a CDP? Here are the key things you want to think about when selecting a CDP. First is the ability for the CPD to integrate with ...
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The hyperplanes generated for various C values can be seen in Fig. 8.6. Fig. 8.6Hyperplanes for different C values Observe how the contours and thereby the regions change with the ...
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