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A youth holds a sign of Gen. Aung San as demonstrators marched to protest the military coup in Yangon, Myanmar, Feb. 13, 2021. Feb. 13 is the birthday of the ...
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Persephone opened the door, her eyes red and blood shot. “Persy, you aren’t supposed to be here.” “I don’t care. My heart is broken. Pluto is cheating on me.” Persephone ...
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3.4 FORMATTING NUMBERS AND CELLS 3.4.1 Cell Content Excel content in a spreadsheet is in a cell. The cell can contain text, formulas, or functions. To insert content in a ...
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Activate feature first To apply document set service, we need to activate one dependent site collection feature first that will enable this service. Let’s perform the following steps to activate ...
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>>> print("Happy Birthday {}".format("Alex")) Happy Birthday Alex Example 4.17 What will be the output of the following print command? >>> print("Happy Birthday {}, have a {} day!!".format("Alex","Great")) Answer: Happy Birthday ...
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active-class When the router link is active, the active class that is added is router-link-active by default. We may override the class by setting it as seen in the following ...
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RESOLVING ONEDRIVE BACKUP ISSUES ON YOUR COMPUTER Although OneDrive is easy to use, it still comes with its challenges and issues. One of the common issues that OneDrive users can ...
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All outgoing traffic to port 25 (SMTP) is blocked. All traffic coming from on premises GRE traffic is blocked, even between VMs Most outgoing traffic to port 465 or 587 ...
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What would you do differently if you were to start a new blog/online business today (and couldn’t leverage your existing audience)? We’re actually kind of doing it with While ...
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Android Still in the shared module, open KoinAndroid.kt from androidMain and add this block of code: actual val platformModule = module { single<Settings> { AndroidSettings(get()) } } Make sure to ...
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Figure 7.9 One of the largest asteroids in our Solar System, Vesta is located between Mars and Jupiter. This pockmarked and potato-shaped asteroid has a diameter of about 325 miles ...
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Figure 7-1 Wireless antennas NOTE A Yagi antenna is merely a type of directional antenna. However, its name is used for certain directional antennas similar to how “Coke” is used ...
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Context-aware burn alerts When using context-aware, or historical, burn alerts, you keep a rolling total of the number of good and bad events that have happened over the entire window ...
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