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Graphing 101 Before we start talking through the different types of visualisations that you have access to or might develop for yourself, there are a couple of things worth noting. ...
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In Tommy Wirkola’s film Dead Snow, a group of college students on holiday in the mountains of Finland discover a hoard of gold beneath the floorboards of the cabin where ...
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* * * LISTING VS. REPORTING VS. PROFILING It’s important to begin to distinguish between different kinds of tracking afforded by technology. The distinctions that we’ll adopt in this book ...
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*You don’t see the capital “C” here, but as the adoring father of a Cadence, I do. How to do so can be learned, within LinkedIn®. But you can’t bring ...
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Data that needs to be retained for compliance reasons should be labeled. This compliance data such as audit logs for example should be strictly controlled and also classified in a ...
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Continuous delivery versus continuous deployment CD helps in the application life cycle by deploying the application to production so that the latest change in the application will reach the end ...
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The Red Sox went to the World Series in October of 1975 for the first time in eight years, a welcome diversion from the city’s problems. It had been a ...
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Case Motherboard Cut Out. Good cases will have a small hole on the back of the motherboard tray. This for easy access for when you switch out CPU coolers as ...
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The Impact of Technology on Software Productivity and Quality Levels One of the main uses of benchmark data, such as the Software Productivity Research knowledge base and the International Software ...
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The Downsides to Paper To summarize: Paper is great for taking quick notes on the go; for brainstorming and problem solving; and for storing financial and legal documents. In other ...
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Our tragic condition When it comes to our sense of who does and doesn’t deserve punishment, we tend to operate with a simple dichotomy: either someone is guilty, and therefore ...
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15. Lord of the Rings Hobbit Hole The hobbits in The Lord of the Rings are not merely crude creatures but teach us a few points about living simply. Technically, ...
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