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__doc__ − Class documentation string or none, if undefined. __name__ − Class name. __module__ − Module name in which the class is defined. This attribute is "__main__" in interactive mode. ...
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THE SIMPLEST IRONY OF THE ERA OF SOCIAL MEDIA IS THAT THE platforms intended to help people come together have often pulled us apart. If any single term can describe ...
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A Family of Hypotheses Radio telescopes are used not only to scope out alien life as in Contact but also to make long-distance, interplanetary phone calls to spacecraft traveling through ...
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Max said good-bye to Tisa and Siobhan. “Your gear is already stowed on board,” Charl told her. “We knew we’d be shipping out sometime tonight after the party. The arrival ...
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9 The Observation Objective NOAH AND I WENT TO the mess hall and each grabbed a tray of lunch. I’d never been to summer camp before, so I didn’t know ...
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“First of all, [phones] already do. But because of this, it creates a major violation of our privacy because the fact that someone could always know where I’m at frankly ...
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CHAPTER 6 Northern Lights Image Credit: Roman Krochuk/© 2011, a division of Getty Images. All rights reserved. The flickering Northern Lights are still one of the most amazing sights ...
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* * * 1 Ask an adult to help you cut out the pieces of wood, following the diagram opposite. Drill some drainage holes on the bottom. Also cut holes ...
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FEATURED CREATURES Camels: “Ships” of the Sahara Desert Camels’ humps are a distinguishing feature. Dromedary camels have one hump. Bactrian camels have two. Camel humps store body fat in one ...
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13 “LET ME TURN IT OVER TO your guide, Gedney,” Waters says. Gedney hobbles to the center of the Ezone. His arms swing heavily by his side. Sure enough, he ...
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How Many Hands? Optical illusions are puzzles designed to fool your eyes. See if you can pick out which one of these horses is the tallest! Optical Illusions Some horse ...
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• • • Milton caught up with Ada and Nina as they were heading toward Mr. Lace’s room after school. “You’re sure you’ll remember which one?” Nina asked Ada. “Which ...
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