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Positive Priming You can get people in the habit of saying “yes,” which is a word you normally want to hear from your counterpart in a negotiation. The method is ...
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PROMOTION Often when people think of promotion they think of advertising. This is normal because most of us are nearly swimming in advertising in one form or another: on radio, ...
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Figure 11-2Form 1065 (page I) Figure 11-3Form 1120 (page I) Figure 11-4Form 1120S (page I) On each of these forms is a line labeled “Other Expenses” (Schedule C, line 27a) ...
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Example You donate $100 to your local public broadcasting station during its annual fund drive. You receive a DVD of one of its programs. Your deduction is limited to the ...
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CHAPTER 5: Business Use of Your Home If you are operating your Internet sales business from your home, you could be eligible for a home-office tax deduction. If you rented ...
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Research and Experimentation Costs If you have research and experimentation costs (usually referred to as R&D costs), you have a choice of ways to deduct them. You can claim a ...
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Example In 2015, you bought your home for $200,000. In 2017, you start a business from home and use 10% of the space exclusively for this purpose. The house is ...
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Special substantiation rules not discussed here apply to property donations. Dues Dues related to your business may or may not be deductible. Those that are deductible are allowed without any ...
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Get Help Implementing Your Accounting System Be honest with yourself: Do you want to do the bookkeeping for your business? If so, great. But if not, who is going to ...
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With these rules, high-income taxpayers may be able to do better with home equity loans, although interest on loans secured by your home whose proceeds are used to pay non-home ...
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