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9 The Supreme Court and the Legality of Taxes We have explored the roles for two of the federal-level branches of government. The third, the Supreme Court, also has a ...
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C HAPTER 8 The Financial Planning Process for Retirement The major problem with many of the financial plans I review is they are long on pretty graphs and charts and ...
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Positive Priming You can get people in the habit of saying “yes,” which is a word you normally want to hear from your counterpart in a negotiation. The method is ...
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PROMOTION Often when people think of promotion they think of advertising. This is normal because most of us are nearly swimming in advertising in one form or another: on radio, ...
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Just as with the production budget, notice that the total column for the quarter is unique. The desired ending inventory for the quarter is the same as the desired ending ...
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Remote Control Your headshot plays an even more important role if you’re not co-located with your colleagues. Add your headshot to the bottom of your email and in all online ...
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Challenging times for multilateral co-operation Trust in governments and institutions is plummeting and populism, protectionism and exclusive nationalism are on the rise - OECD Secretary-General, Angel Gurría In the face ...
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If the reimbursable ransom is “lost” during delivery, the plan can replace the funds. If there is a personal accident, the plan can indemnify medical expenses or pay a death ...
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Accounting Methods Many transactions in the nonfinancial sector, such as sales on credit, involve a bundling of real and financial transactions. Suppose, for example, that a firm sells apples to ...
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11 The Theory of Optimal Taxation 1. ECONOMIC THEORY AND PUBLIC POLICY A good way of governing is to agree upon objectives, discover what is possible, and optimize. At any ...
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6.2 Trading Stock As a property trader you are simply buying properties to add value – whether that be from a complete refurbishment or by adding further rooms, title split ...
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When Is a Contribution Made for Tax Purposes? A charitable contribution is deductible only when it is completed—that is, when the money or property is delivered to the nonprofit. Thus, ...
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The inflation tax For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he ...
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