A Lexicon of Alchemy by Martin Rulandus

A Lexicon of Alchemy by Martin Rulandus

Author:Martin Rulandus [Unbekannt]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Esoterik
Publisher: Jazzybee Verlag
Published: 2014-05-26T00:00:00+00:00

10. Red soft Lithomarge which is medically used with great success in place of the Armenian Bolus.

11. Lithomarge, flesh-colour or white.

12. Black Pirnensian Lithomarge, resembling pitch.

13. Greenish Lithomarge, from Chemnitz, above Hilberdorf.

MEHELUM --- A Glass with a long neck, a Retort.

MELA --- i.e., Lead.

MELANTER --- i.e., Opium.

MELANTERIA METALLICUM CHALCANTI --- A species of Copperas Water, or maker's Black, a species of Vitriol. Its colour is blue and grey, depending upon the different earths in which it is produced. According to Dioscorides (1. 5, c. 67), it has a twofold origin. Some of it solidifies and accumulates like salt in the cavities of mines, whence copper is obtained. Sometimes the same species is found upon the copper itself, and (if I mistake not) is called Maltira by Serapion, and by others Melatria. Secondly, Melanteria is found on the surface of mines, like earth, salt, etc. The Arabs call it Bitriant. It is sometimes found by digging in Cilicia, and other districts. Dioscorides affirms that the mined species is the best, especially that which has the colour of sulphur, and is light, pure and equable. According to the Arabs, on contact with sufficient moisture to moisten the finger, it immediately hardens. It also possesses a caustic virtue. This quality is scarcely to be found in our mines, although we have two species of it, which the Arabs maintain to be a kind of Colcothar, i.e., Fixed Vitriol, because its properties are the same. Also Melanteria is the rust of old iron nails, or Shoemaker's Black, being almost the same as is now produced by our shoemakers.


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