39 Clues 03 - The Sword thief by Peter Lerangis

39 Clues 03 - The Sword thief by Peter Lerangis

Author:Peter Lerangis [Lerangis, Peter]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2010-12-05T06:10:21.240000+00:00


Dan gaped, ignoring his sister, who opened and closed her mouth in a stunning imitation of a spotted blowfish.


said Saladin.


" Dan didn't care who heard him scream. He scooped up Saladin and threw his arms around Nellie.

Amy looked as if she'd just seen a ghost. But to Dan, Nellie felt real, all right. She felt all... spiky and leathery. And a split second later, Amy was all over her, too. Sobbing of course. Which made Nellie sob, too. Which almost ruined the whole thing. Even Alistair was a little teary.

Saladin climbed into Amy's arms, and she smiled disbelievingly. "But how did you ...?"


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