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anyone. i could be someone in a romance novel. while that’s

an acting experience it’s not necessarily fun. i’ve had a lot

of fantasies, but that’s the value of a fantasy. You don’t go

turning every fantasy into reality.

Then how do you select? Like you thought it would be fun

to have sex with women and at a certain point you only

thought about it and then you did it in reality. So then

how do you decide what fantasies to act out and which

ones to keep as fantasies?

a lot of my current decisions came from experiences that at

the moment you say to yourself, “i could have done without

that.” But then again you learn a lot about where you’re at in

your life. i had some sexual experiences that i knew had gone

too far, that wasn’t what i wanted. i learned. and i’m fine

without it. i wish i knew a really efficient way to answer your

question. i can best draw the lines by experiencing and going

too far and coming back.

How am I going to go into the whole realm of my fantasy

life and my girl friend’s fantasy life and have it be open

and OK?

Peter and i decided together, we can scope together and talk

together and fantasize together and there’s no limit on that

at all. But in terms of actual reality the line is also drawn for

him in that is this guy is worthy or if this woman is worthy.

it is easier for him to deal with me sleeping with a woman.

he knows that and he isn’t exactly proud of it. there is also a

safety reason for it too.

So he would rather that you sleep with another woman

than another man?

he is more comfortable. he’s a guy, what can i say? it’s the

rage of the flesh kind of thing. if it’s a guy, he knows guys

better than he knows women. and he knows what a lot of

guys are thinking and fantasizing about and thinking that’s

what’s going to happen. it’s never a trust problem with me,

its a trust problem with that guy and whether he is worthy

and whether he is sneaky and whether he is going to be up

front with Peter about what he wants to do with me and

blah, blah, blah. if the guy can be up front and if he is a

decent respectful kind of guy with some sort of appeal,

character wise then there’s not a problem. then it’s really

up to me and what i want. there isn’t a whole lot that Peter

can’t give me. But it’s fun to play. there is that playfulness

and that’s fun. •

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name: Alice

age: 53

occuPation: Medical professional

ReLationShiP StatuS: Living with a 36 year old boyfriend

How many submissive men have you had over


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