Urbex Predator: Take nothin but pictures, leave nothing but bodies. A Deadly Survival Story. by Jens Boele

Urbex Predator: Take nothin but pictures, leave nothing but bodies. A Deadly Survival Story. by Jens Boele

Author:Jens Boele [Boele, Jens]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2024-02-04T00:00:00+00:00

They were blinded by the flashlight’s glow. Damon held his hands in front of his face, while Tess was hiding behind his back. Tromping, the man approached, cracking branches cracked under his feet. When he finally lowered the light, their eyes needed a moment to adjust to the darkness again.

Although it was a balmy summer night, the man in front of them was dressed darkly, wearing a black flight jacket. It was hard to tell how old he was, but his hairstyle seemed old-fashioned, like it was from the 90s. He had his hair parted in the middle and cut short on the sides. A bushy mustache grew under his hooked nose, making him appear older than he was. With a cold stare, he gazed at them.

“What are you doing out here?” There was something threatening in his voice. Like it was not about the reason for their stay, but about the punishment for it.

Damon slowly lowered his arms. “We’re on our way home,” he finally replied evasively. “If you don’t mind me asking, who are you, though?”

“Security,” the man replied with utter superiority. “This is a restricted area.” He shone a light on Tess’s face. When she closed her eyes, he pointed the glow at Damon until he, too, shut his eyes again. “How did you get in here?”

Damon averted his eyes and defensively held his hand between himself and the man. “I apologize, would you mind not shining that light on me? You seem to be blinding me.”

The glow of the lamp moved downward, just enough for Damon to see again.

“Thank you. And I think we need to clear up a misunderstanding here,” Damon remarked. “My name is Duke. Damon Duke, CEO of Duke Executives.” He lifted his chin and let the words sink in, as if they would impress the sinister fellow. “We rented this location today for a photo shoot.” He pointed to Tess, who was standing behind him. “Here’s Tess Walker, one of our main models, known as Com-Tessa.”

Damon waited a moment. The flashlight’s glow traveled over to Tess, lingered on her torso, slid down her legs and back up. Eventually, he shone it into her eyes again until she turned away. His gaze remained emotionless, no expression stirring on his face.

“We did the first shots for the centerfold today. The entire shoot was incredibly energy-consuming, and we were already behind schedule. So, it would be beneficial if we could continue undisturbed, Mr. …?”

Damon was hit directly by a light from the man as he took a step toward him.

“Don’t fuck with me. What are you doing here, boy?”

Tess immediately backed away, and Damon also became defensive. “Listen, everything is correct. I would appreciate it if you could contact Mr. Wilbanks from the city administration. He will confirm my statement.”

For the first time, the man with the cold eyes smiled. But he didn’t smile honestly; he just lifted the edges of his lips. The gaze, however, remained cold and penetrating.

“So, Mr. Wilbanks is the person who gave you the permit?”

“That’s what I’m saying.


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