The Shadow Order (Crossroads Witch Book 1) by J.S. Malcom

The Shadow Order (Crossroads Witch Book 1) by J.S. Malcom

Author:J.S. Malcom [Malcom, J.S.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2021-04-12T05:00:00+00:00

Chapter 14 - Amaya

The next day, I manage to sit through two classes, one about potions and another about the history of witchcraft. I do my best to pay attention, but it’s not easy as my blood boils due to the proximity of Chloe, Kayla and Braden. Over and over, I keep reliving what happened last night. Particularly, that one moment when I heard those three faint voices.

Oh, my god, it was just a little test to see what she’s made of.

Nothing but anxiety, apparently.

No wonder she was in the crazy house.

Which, of course, brings me back to when I passed them in the hallway. The way they laughed and whispered. The way Chloe said she had an idea, and how Kayla found it funny. I felt foolish at the time, my face flushed with self-consciousness. Now, I’m pretty sure I know what that was about.

Early this morning, I woke up with Maeve sitting beside my bed. Which is when I learned about what happened. Or, at least, what they think happened. Apparently, Beatrice suspected the use of an illusion enchantment, soon followed by an anxiety spell, delivered by means of magically imbued powder. Naturally, she also suspected who might be behind it. As of now, there’s no proof. After all, no one saw anything but me, and all I saw were nightmares.

According to Maeve, Beatrice promised that the truth will come out. By hook or by crook, I plan to make that happen. Being tossed around during combat magic practice was one thing. Humiliating, for sure, but I came away essentially unscathed. Insults, innuendos and snide whispers I can handle. In fact, I’m used to those things.

Last night, on the other hand, was a total violation. There’s no way I’m about to let that one go.

Now, as we leave class to follow our unfamiliars down the hallway, Maeve says, “I bet they’re feeding us to Regina again. What’s the consensus?”

Kai grins. “Absolutely. They have to keep us on our toes.”

“Kind of ironic,” Sophie says. “Considering Regina’s toes never touch the ground.”

We laugh and, naturally, Chloe spins around to see what’s so funny. Maeve flips her off, which makes us laugh even harder. Any pretense at pretending we’re not deadly enemies is now out the window. So, it’s extremely comforting to know that I still have allies. After what happened in the graveyard, I wasn’t so sure that would still be the case. But I guess I really do have friends now.

While I’m expecting to have our cats march us for half a mile or so, that’s not the case. Beatrice and Regina stand waiting in the courtyard, beneath a sky that’s starting to turn gray. As predicted, Regina floats above the ground, but it’s Beatrice who announces, “Minor Arcana, you’ll be working with me today. Major Arcana, you’ll be with Regina.”

“Knew it,” Kai mutters.

Soon, Beatrice leads the younger group toward a nearby field. Then Regina turns to us and actually smiles. At least, I think it’s a smile. Either that or her lunch gave her heartburn.


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