The Sensory Child Gets Organized by Carolyn Dalgliesh

The Sensory Child Gets Organized by Carolyn Dalgliesh

Author:Carolyn Dalgliesh
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Touchstone


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Another way to support sensory kids during chore time is to do the first or hardest step for them. We know that many sensory kids struggle with executive function challenges. This means that the initial categorizing or planning for a task can be hard. If we can come up with a way to start a chore or begin the categorization process, that can sometimes be enough to get the chore started and completed successfully.

Let’s use the example of laundry day. You want to begin to have your child sort and bring laundry to the washing machine for washing. He can bring dirty clothes from bedroom hampers into the bathroom, where you could have a three-bin system with each section labeled with words or pictures of colors (make sure you define what each “color category” means as that will not be a natural assumption for many sensory kids!):

• Whites (white, light gray, light pink, light blue)

• Medium Colors (dark gray, light blue, yellow, dark pink, purple)

• Darks (black, dark blue, red, dark green)

The visual on the wall above the laundry sorting system could read: “Once a bin is full, bring to the laundry area.”


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