The Marked by Inara Scott

The Marked by Inara Scott

Author:Inara Scott
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
Publisher: Disney
Published: 2012-04-02T22:00:00+00:00

I DID not move again until I heard a voice calling my name from the doorway.

I rolled over and squinted at the shadowy figure. I must have been sleeping for some time, because the sun had set and my room was dark, except for the light spilling in from the hall. I sat up abruptly when I realized who it was.

“Mr. Judan! I…uh…I was just…”

He flicked on the light at the door; I winced at the sudden brightness. “I’m sorry,” he said courteously.

“No problem.” I glanced at the clock beside my bed. I’d been sleeping for almost three hours. “I should be getting up anyway. It’s almost time for dinner.”

With a monumental effort, I shook off the torpor in my limbs and set my feet on the ground. I didn’t like the idea of being in bed while Mr. Judan stood in the doorway to my room. It made me feel vulnerable.

“We can have dinner brought to you,” he said.

“No, that’s okay. I just need a minute to wake up.”


He continued to hover in the doorway. I was reminded of the stories about vampires and how they couldn’t enter your room unless invited. “You can come in,” I said, with some misgivings.

“Thank you.” He walked a few paces into the room, angling his body so he could watch the open doorway while talking to me. He looked horribly out of place, a strange, formal figure in a dark blue suit and tie, amid my dirty laundry and cluttered desk. I focused on clearing my head and sending strength into my legs so I could stand as quickly as possible.

“I spoke to Fritz and Anderson,” he said, his intense blue eyes flicking from me to the doorway and back again, lingering on my scraped and battered calves. “They told me about the afternoon’s events.”

I tucked my legs underneath me. “Things got a little out of control.”

“They said you did well.”

“They did?” I studied him warily. Mr. Judan was probably manipulating Cam, and wouldn’t hesitate to do the same to me. But there was little I could do about it. The title of Chief Recruiter didn’t begin to tell the story of Mr. Judan’s power. I’d seen his picture in the history books I found in the Program library, with a caption underneath full of glowing praise for his efforts to build his army of Watchers. I’d never heard anyone argue with him, even our principal, Mrs. Solom, and she wasn’t exactly a pushover. Principal Solom had steel gray hair that she wore in a tight bun on top of her head, and snapping black eyes, the color of which perfectly matched her blocky, three-inch heels. The heels only brought her to a hair under five feet, but we were all still terrified of her.

It wasn’t exactly fair to say that Cam believed everything Mr. Judan said. But Cam felt as if he owed Mr. Judan, and because of that, there was no way he would have contradicted him, especially when it came to the Program.


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