The Artificial Intelligence Imperative by Anastassia Lauterbach

The Artificial Intelligence Imperative by Anastassia Lauterbach

Author:Anastassia Lauterbach
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781440859953
Publisher: ABC-CLIO


SAP has been a gatekeeper for enterprise data since its inception. Today SAP delivers APIs with ML through its enterprise cloud, e.g., Concur for travel bookings and Success Factors for HR offerings. According to ComputerWorld UK, Concur processes “[US$50] billion of travel transactions every year. Success Factors is installed on 245,000 systems.”2

SAP first created simple invoice- and CV-matching applications in which computers read and match documents, freeing people up from these tasks. The system is called SAP Resume Matching. ML is used at SAP Clea, the SAP Cash application that automates the process of making and capturing payments.

The SAP digital innovation system is called Leonardo, after Leonardo da Vinci. It comprises applications and microservices around IoT, ML, blockchain, and big data. The scope is deep, as these technologies are widely interdependent, and all rely on data. SAP has a number of accelerator programs to implement Leonardo across industries and across business functions. The implementation is customized and supported by consultants from SAP Digital Business Services. They help SAP customers to clarify innovation priorities and design prototypes. According to, prototypes can be achieved within eight weeks of an initial workshop.3

SAP HANA and Google Cloud have announced a partnership, and developers can now use the SAP HANA express edition to build custom enterprise applications on the Google Cloud platform with the flexibility of on-demand deployment. SAP Cloud will be soon available on Google Cloud. The collaboration involves building ML features into conversational apps that guide users through workflows and transactions. There will be integrations between productivity applications such as Gmail, Calendar, and Sheets. Thus, SAP customers will receive better choice and capabilities to link e-mail conversations; search for duplicate contacts; and create new leads, tasks, and visits directly from Gmail.4


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